What a Revolution in Bathroom: New Glass Shower Screens brought!

The spring ends and summer is approaching. Would you like to replace your old shower screen this time? Many years back when you built your house, you had installed old glass screen in your bathroom. But the glass screens have come a long way over the years. Did you notice it?

The old style glass shower screen was usually designed to let the light into the shower but it prevents water from escaping the shower enclosure. Earlier we had easily breakable textured glass that limits both sides visibility. Toughened of shatterproof glass were not available earlier. The panel of the glass door used to come with aluminium frames. Old fashioned frosted glass had a greenish cast to it. And that is all about!

Let me take you a look at today’s glass shower screens! These days the glass can easily be inset into the drywall and ceiling as well as in between the ground lines of the floor. Don’t think it is insecure. New fashioned glass screen wall comes directly to shower the floor with no door. You can find etched glass screen but it has clear option that doesn’t give you a greenish tint to the finish.

These days we have the option of a sliding door or a hinged door. No matter frameless or semi-framed glass shower enclosure you prefer to install, glass screen has brought about a revolution in the bathroom design.

The disadvantage of older glass screens was that its frames made the bathroom appear smaller. But if you use frameless shower screens, your bathroom would look more spacious.  And such an amazing furnishing with glass shower screen can only be installed if you find a good company who is able to point you in right direction.

Now you have to choose the glass screen supplier wisely. You may find many suppliers in Australia, but you must deal with the company who can only work according to your space and budget. You need to take time out to search for the suppliers in your area. Make sure that the company you contracted must be capable to provide you good quality product at an affordable rate.  Not only that, you need to check their range of products so that all support materials match with the hinges and panels. You must check that they provide you the products that are worth for money and can add beauty to your home.

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