Installing Glass Pool Fencing in Melbourne

Glass pool fencing used around swimming pools and spas nowadays is both useful and elegant and is available in various types. Let us look at the points that you need to consider while installing Glass Pool Fencing in Melbourne.

There are two main types of glass pool fencing available in the market, namely, semi frameless glass and frameless glass. While frameless glass fencing is supported by glass clamping at the bottom of the glass sheet instead of being supported by posts, semi frameless fences are usually supported by aluminium or stainless steel posts. While the former provides the pool area a secure fence and ensures that the view is not blocked, semi frameless fences seem to be stronger but may obstruct the view to a certain extent.

While glass pool fencing is usually clear, the colours of the posts or the clamps may vary or may be powder coated. Besides, the glass may also be available in clear or tinted varieties.

Glass pool fencing can be fixed to concrete, paved surfaces or tiles. It can also be attached directly to a timber deck using special clamps. Usually, glass pool fencing is installed by a professional pool fencing specialist which may take a couple of days to be completed.  However, some brands of glass fencing come with DIY kits which can enable you to install the fences yourself.

Cost & Maintenance
Glass pool fencing may have a higher initial cost than other types of pool fencing solutions, but it can be viewed as a deserving installation as it adds value to your property.  There can also a significant price difference between the two types of glass pool fencing, as frameless fencing can be more expensive than the semi frameless variety.

As far as maintaining it is concerned, glass pool fencing requires no special maintenance and an occasional cleaning of the glass is all it requires to keep it sparkling. Besides, good quality water proof stainless steel or coated aluminium ensures that the fixings do not rust. Glass pool fencing is a good bet as it ensures safety and some amount of privacy at the swimming pool.

When installing Glass Pool Fences in Melbourne, one must take into account the local laws and regulations as well. Of late the number of pool side accidents has gone up and thus there is a need for judicious use of these beautiful Fencing Solutions.

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