How do Sliding Gate Motors Work?

Sliding gates or electric gates are a popular choice in most homes today, whether for the driveway or the garage. They are space-efficient and user-friendly, two reasons why they are so popular today. Let us look at the mechanism behind the Sliding Gate Motors and other motorised gates.

Remember that the type of mechanism to be used in a motorised gate depends on the type and size of the gate and how the gate will operate. There are different systems for swing type gates and for gates that slide from side to side.

Swing Type Gates
These gates are hinged on pillars or posts and may open inwards or outwards, depending on the site where they are installed.  These types of gates are also available in automated varieties using an underground or an above ground mechanism. In the underground system, the motors are set up in foundation boxes below the gates at the pillar. The motor is connected to the gate by a several levers which cannot be seen within the foundation box. On the other hand, above-the-ground motorised gate systems are mounted on pillars towards the inside of the gate, and are not easily visible.

Sliding Gates
Sliding gate systems usually run on a foundation path or a cantilever mechanism. In the former, a foundation track is installed across the breadth of the driveway and stretched the same distance to the side of the pillars on which the gate will open. There are small wheels at the bottom of the gate and the system works like a train running on rails. Sliding Gate Motors with a cantilever system are used where a track cannot be placed across the driveway especially if it is sloping or uneven.

Sliding gates run on a motor and gearbox that are fixed on the inside of the gate behind the pillar, so that the motors are not visible. There are different types of motors for different weights and sizes of gates.

So, if you are the owner of a home with a driveway, you need not think twice about installing sliding motorised gates. The benefits are several. A motorised gate not only beefs up the security of your home, it also does away with the need to open the gates yourself or to have someone open them each time the bell rings. It definitely makes life easier and also adds to the value of your property.

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