Pool Fences: Types & Installation

If you have a swimming pool, a pool fence is a must have from safety aspect. It is very demanding to keep a close watch on kids and pets, who may get too close to the pool water and may be a victim of accident. To avoid any such unfortunate incident, it is better to have the right safety measures in place, and Pool Fences are valuable in the context. Besides, with the selection of right materials and fencing styles, you can redefine the aesthetics of the poolside area.

Types Of Pool Fencing
There is a wide range of materials suitable for fabrication of fences. Based in the materials, you get the following options.

  • PVC Fencing: PVC has an excellent resistance to physical impact, chemical attack, weathering, etc. and comes with superb tolerance to electricity. Although PVC Fences are expensive, they are extremely durable when compared to other Fencing Solutions.
  • Removable Mesh: These fences are not permanent and can be removed and reinstalled in different sections as and when the need arises. Removable Mesh is mostly used for the safety of kids.
  • Stainless Steel Fences: Stainless Steel fences are installed when the pool fence needs to be strong and tough particularly against corrosion.
  • Fiberglass Fences: Fiberglass combines strength with transparency and preserves the rich look of the pool.
  • Glass Fences: Glass Pool Fence offers a pristine view of the pool and highlights the pool premises.It is not only stylish but also provides a secure and unobstructed view of the entire pool area.
  • Wooden Fences: Wooden Pool Fences have a rustic appeal and are at the same time environment friendly for they can be recycled.

Installing A Pool Fence
All Pool Fence apart from Removable Mesh are fixed installation. Although they are not very difficult to install, yet, with an extra pair of hands the installation job gets easier. A lot of Pool Fence vendors provide installation services to their clients.

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Choosing The Right Material For Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing is a great way to keep the pool area safe. Many accidents that occur frequently can be avoided with the help of the Pool Fencing. Now, this is only the first reason to get a Swimming Pool Fence, another reason is that it gives a different look to the swimming pool area and beautifying it. The Swimming Pool Fence come in different varieties made up of different materials. So it becomes necessary to choose a Pool Fence wisely. To help you take the decision, let’s get familiar with some types of Fencing Materials present in market.

Choosing the Right Material for Pool Fencing

  •  Wooden Pool Fencing – In terms of looks, it looks very beautiful. Due to the flexibility that the wood offers, it can be easily moulded into different shapes and sizes. With low material costs and installation fees, it is a cheap option in Pool Fencing. Unable to withstand moisture for long, it is not very durable. It is also not very easy to clean and maintain wooden fencing.
  • Metal Pool Fencing – Aluminium, steel and iron Pool Fencing are the most common types. Aluminium Fencing is comparably cheaper than stainless steel but slightly expensive than iron Fencing. All of them are strong and sturdy and easy to maintain and clean. Aluminium is less susceptible to rusting as compared to iron. Though stainless steel is resistant to corrosion it is not very affordable for many. But as it lasts long, it can be seen as a good investment.
  • Glass Pool Fencing – This is the most attractive of all in terms of looks. The transparent look of the Glass Pool is incomparable with any other Pool Fence. It is durable, strong and has no chance of getting corroded. As for the maintenance and cleaning, it requires no extra costs. But as compared to the other options, it is a bit expensive for many people looking for affordable option in Pool Fence. But, one thing is sure; you will never regret spending your money on it.

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What Makes Glass Pool Fencing The Best Option

Even if you do not have kids, pets and elderly people in your house, it is your civic duty to have your pool fenced. It will ensure that kids and pets of your neighbours or the visiting relatives and friends remain safe when playing around the swimming pool. Another important thing that the Pool Fencing is meant for is privacy. Yes, with Pool Fencing you can restrict the crowd of your pool. No one will be able to use your pool in your absence.

There are many types of Pool Fences available in the market and Glass Pool Fencing is one of the best options. But the question comes why Glass Pool Fencing is the best of them all? The answer is given in the following points:

Glass Pool Fencing Allows Looking Through
All types of Pool Fencing offer high level of security then what makes Glass Pool Fencing stand out? It is their crystal-clear structure that enables one to look through them. There are times when healthy and able children die at pool places due to late attention in cases of accidental drowning. And this late attention results from late alarm. But installing Glass Pool Fences means the elders can constantly watch what is happening at the pool side from even a great distance.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
This is also a big advantage of Glass Pool Fences. They do not require any special type of maintenance. Periodic cleaning with water can keep Glass Pool Fences brand new for their whole life.

Look Great
If we talk about Glass Pool Fences and pass over their look, then it will be a big miss. Glass Pool Fences stand apart from all other types of Pool Fences. They allow sufficient transparency offering a beautiful sparkling of both sunlight and artificial light on them. Glass Pool Fences not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pool area but of the whole house.

Variety Of Styling Options & Easy Installation
The huge availability of Glass Pool Fences offers a wide range of styles for the pool area. And all types of Glass Pool fences are very easy to install. They even come in DIY kits, which are extremely economical.

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How Can Frameless Glass Pool Fences Work for You

Pool Fencing is a long understood necessity now. It not only ensures safety of kids and elderly people but also of pets and neighbours from accidentally falling into the swimming pool. And on the top of all that, Pool Fencing allows one to have complete peace of mind in this regard. However, the main reason that stops people from fencing their pools is that the look of their pool will get compromised because of the Fences.

People who have the above-mentioned apprehension will be happy to know about Frameless Glass Pool Fencing which with its translucent structure is the best option for them. Another thing that keeps people in second thoughts on fencing their pool is incurring of the extra cost on installation. There is good news for them also and the good news is that they can make the most of DIY kits of Frameless Glass Pool Fences.

For those, who are still wondering that how can Frameless Glass Pool Fences work for them, here are some important points:

  • Safety – In terms of safety, Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a no lesser option than any other type of Pool Fencing. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is sturdy enough to stand impacts. It is hard to break, and breaking it can never go without a noise and hence alerting the people around. The gaping done in Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is such perfect that toddlers can never creep to the other side or mistakenly make their hands and legs caught in the panels.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Frameless Glass Pool Fences offer the best look in comparison to all other types of Pool Fences. They instead of saddening the look enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pool and the surrounding place to a large extent.
  • Easy To Install – Frameless Glass Pool Fencing does not mean rocket science. With a reliable guide and DIY kit of Frameless Glass Pool Fences, one can have the easiest experience of installation them.
  • Maintenance – The best thing about Frameless Glass Pool Fences is that they are the easiest to maintain. One just needs to clean them with water once in a while.

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing; Are They Safe

Shining and smooth glass panels encircling the perimeter of clear blue water of swimming pool creates a mesmerizing view. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a sure shot way of enhancing the aesthetic value of your pool area. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a new age option that is fast emerging as a preferred Pool Fencing option among pool owners. The advancement in glass manufacturing techniques has given rise to tough and quality tested glass panels that are resistant to shattering up to a certain level.

Opposed to the general impression that Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is dangerous for homes with kids and pets, the Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is actually highly suitable for fencing purposes in such homes. This is because the smooth and crevice-free surface of glass prevents any tresspassing attempt by mischievous kids. In addition to this, the tendency of pets to find alternate ways to get entry into the forbidden area can also be checked by installing a deep set foundation for the overall structure of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing. The premium quality glass panels used for the purpose of Pool Fencing have to pass through a variety of quality checks and standards to get certified by national and international quality-check authorities.

Quality Standards Prescribed For Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
The glass panels have to pass through a complete set of quality examination before getting approved for Pool Fencing purpose. The quality examination is created to rate the strength, durability, required thickness of the glass panel sheet and the overall dimension. One of the essential standards of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is Australian Standard 2820 that states that the glass gate should last for a minimum duration of 10,000 cycles at least without fail. This means that the glass panels used in the Frameless Glass Pool Fencing around your pool can easily last for at least 10 years without any aberration.

The thickness of the glass being used for fencing purpose should lie in the range of 10mm to 12mm thick at least. This ensures reinforced safety of glass panels against accidental damage. Other prominent standards that have to be followed by glass manufacturing industries for fencing purposes include AS 1170 Structural Design Actions, AS/NZ 2208 – 1996 Safety Glazing in Materials, AS 1926.1 Swimming Pool Safety Standard and AS 1170 Structural Design Actions of the Australian Standards.

Conclusively Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a very efficient and safe pool fencing option. Even in the case of misfortunate shattering of glass panels due to the application of extended level of pressure on them, the soft-cornered pieces of glass sheet will not cause any irreversible damage.

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Pool Fencing And Its Benefits

Pool Fencing is one of the most important and critical component of domestic as well as public pools. The security provided by Pool Fencing to unattended kids and pets helps in avoiding various probable accidents. If chosen smartly, the Pool Fencing can add to the splendor of your pool area & add to its aesthetic value too. Apart from preventing accidental drowning, Pool Fences also help a great deal in keeping unwanted objects out of pools.

To understand the intricacies of Pool Fencing, you can approach professionals for expert guidance. They can help you with choosing the best fencing option that is most suitable to your requirements. Pool Fencing is available in a wide range of options including Glass Pool Fencing, Metal Pool Fencing and many more. The key components of Pool Fencing are Gate Packs, Gate Latches, Panels, Gate Hinge Panels and other Accessories.

Benefits Of Pool Fencing
The prime benefit of Pool Fencing is the safety it offers to domestic as well as public pools. The safety outline provided by Pool Fencing protects the pool water from coming in contact with undesirable objects and it also reduces the risk of accidental slipping into the pool to a great extent.

Various customized Pool Fences are also available in market to suit the requirement of varying safety concern of the clients. Customized child-proof gates with tall railings provide foolproof safety to unattended toddlers and kids basking near the poolside.

Pool Fencing can also be stylized to accentuate the look of overall construction. The range of options available in patterns, shades and styles of Pool Fencing takes care of different types of aesthetic requirements of the client. Pool Fencing can sport a variety of looks depending upon the place and purpose for which it is being installed. From the official look of corporate sector to the highly ornate ambience of homes to rough-and-tough look of playgrounds and sports centers, Pool Fencing can accentuate each style with effortless ease.

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