Installation Tips For DIY Glass Pool Fencing

In recent times, Glass Pool Fencing has emerged as the most sought-after fencing solution. The reason behind the popularity of Glass Fences is simple – they are durable as well as aesthetically appealing. However, as Glass Pool Fencing is available in different dimensions, you must measure the pool area first and then order for the fences in the same dimensions. Also, it must be ensured that the fencing is not lying against any hard surface of construction materials like concrete tiles. While moving, make sure that it is placed or rested on rubber or timber surface. If the Glass Pool Fences are not handled and moved carefully, they can get damaged. Now, let’s go through some tips that will help you in installing DIY Glass Pool Fencing.

Installation Tips For Glass Pool Fencing

  • Before any drilling operation, make sure that you have checked the place of installation for any underground electrical wiring, telephone wiring, and gas and water connection. During the drilling, the wiring might get damaged. Also, make a list of the materials and tools that you will require for the Glass Pool Fencing Installation.
  • After deciding the place where the fence will be located, set up the string line on the fence line but keep it close to the ground setting it up between 30 to 90 mm from the ground. The distance between the string line and ground is dependent upon the ground level. Appropriately mark the post hole centre in the string line.
  • Drill the holes for ground posts about 500 to 600mm deep and 200mm wide. However, flanged poles can be fixed with the help of specific fixtures. If core drilling the holes, gently take out the core protecting the hole and tiling.
  • After doing all the preparation, it’s time to install the posts. Mark the post starting from the top matching the string line. Pour concrete to set the pole in the ground while for core drilling, keep the posts in place with wood chokes. Use the string line to position the bottom of the panel.
  • Now, it’s time to install the gates. Make sure that they open from all sides. Even ensure that the pool gates are opening away from the pool. At the end, put caps on the posts. Finish it off by cleaning.

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Glass Swimming Pool Fencing — 3 Options to Keep Your Pool Safer

A Glass Pool Fence is an attractive option to choose for its beautiful looks, durability and cost effectiveness. As we all know, safety is a major concern around swimming pools. For this purpose, Pool Fencing is very essential. Having a Glass Swimming Pool Fencing around your pool area will not only prevent accidents but also enhance its looks. The transparent Glass Pool Fence looks classy and gives a unique look to the swimming pool area. For smaller areas, it is a good choice as it gives a feeling of spaciousness. With several options to choose in Glass Pool Fencing, it is a sought-after choice for many who want to beautify their swimming pool area and make it a safe place at the same time.

Glass Swimming Pool Fencing — 3 Options to Keep Your Pool Safer

  • Frameless Glass Pool Fencing – Supported with the help of a metal anchor, this fence is virtually invisible. With no frame around the glass, it looks as if there is no fence around. Despite it being frameless, it is strong and sturdy and can withstand considerable impact. The rust proof metal anchors gives the pool fence a good support.
  • Glass Balustrade Fencing – Attached with special supports called “balustrades”, this Glass Pool Fence is simply virtually invisible. It has no metal anchors top support and is rather supported by the wall. For those who don’t want to drill their pool decks can simply opt for this fencing as it gives you the same uninterrupted look as the Frameless Glass Pool Fencing. 
  • Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing – Slightly cheaper than the other two options above, it is great option for those who don’t want to spend more for an uninterrupted look of the Glass Pool Fence. It is supported with the help of metal posts, little big than the metal anchors but of a bearable size. Just like the metal anchors, these metal posts do not corrode and last long.

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