Advantages of Installing Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are used as a safety barrier or as fencing around staircases, balconies or swimming pools. They are available in several varieties such as fully framed, semi-framed or frameless and can be made with different types of glass such as frosted, opaque or clear designs.

What Makes Glass Balustrades Special?

  • Glass balustrades are a great option for several reasons, the main reason being that since they are see through, the views from your staircase or balcony are not lost at all.
  • They are also versatile in terms of design, as you can pick and choose from so many framing or fixing options, or also choose the colour and texture of the glass.
  • These balustrades look stylish wherever they are installed, whether in a modern or in a traditional home.
  • Balustrades fabricated from glass are not only elegant but strong also. This is due to the fact that they are made of tough, tempered safety glass, which is extremely difficult to break.  Their tough nature makes them an ideal option for areas where children play around.
  • Balustrades made of glass are also easy to maintain as well as durable, as the fittings that hold the glass panels together are made from strong non-corrosive material such as waterproof stainless steel or aluminium which is powder coated. These can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent.

Where They Can be Used
Balustrades made of glass can be used in the following places:

  • Staircase: Balustrades made of glass look very elegant around staircases. These can be installed with railings for additional safety.
  • Balcony: A glass balustrade provides an excellent protective barrier around your balcony, irrespective of its size. The beauty of these balustrades is such that they provide a completely unobstructed view from your balcony and also make it look more spacious.
  • Pool Fence: This is another place where a glass balustrade looks fantastic. Used as a pool fence, they provide a safety barrier in keeping with all the relevant laws, and prevent kids from getting into the pool without your supervision, as they offer clear views of the pool area.  This implies that you can beautify your pool area and also not worry about any mishaps.

Truly, Glass Balustrades deserve a place in very home. Be it surrounding your pool or along the staircase, they are just superb in aesthetic appeal and in ensuring safety as well.

How do Sliding Gate Motors Work?

Sliding gates or electric gates are a popular choice in most homes today, whether for the driveway or the garage. They are space-efficient and user-friendly, two reasons why they are so popular today. Let us look at the mechanism behind the Sliding Gate Motors and other motorised gates.

Remember that the type of mechanism to be used in a motorised gate depends on the type and size of the gate and how the gate will operate. There are different systems for swing type gates and for gates that slide from side to side.

Swing Type Gates
These gates are hinged on pillars or posts and may open inwards or outwards, depending on the site where they are installed.  These types of gates are also available in automated varieties using an underground or an above ground mechanism. In the underground system, the motors are set up in foundation boxes below the gates at the pillar. The motor is connected to the gate by a several levers which cannot be seen within the foundation box. On the other hand, above-the-ground motorised gate systems are mounted on pillars towards the inside of the gate, and are not easily visible.

Sliding Gates
Sliding gate systems usually run on a foundation path or a cantilever mechanism. In the former, a foundation track is installed across the breadth of the driveway and stretched the same distance to the side of the pillars on which the gate will open. There are small wheels at the bottom of the gate and the system works like a train running on rails. Sliding Gate Motors with a cantilever system are used where a track cannot be placed across the driveway especially if it is sloping or uneven.

Sliding gates run on a motor and gearbox that are fixed on the inside of the gate behind the pillar, so that the motors are not visible. There are different types of motors for different weights and sizes of gates.

So, if you are the owner of a home with a driveway, you need not think twice about installing sliding motorised gates. The benefits are several. A motorised gate not only beefs up the security of your home, it also does away with the need to open the gates yourself or to have someone open them each time the bell rings. It definitely makes life easier and also adds to the value of your property.

Choosing the Right Pool Fencing in Sydney

A fence around a swimming pool is used mainly to create a protective barrier so that kids do not have easy access to it. According to laws and regulations in most countries, pool fences must be sturdy, long lasting and have a self-latching gate. Let us look at the various types of Pool Fencing In Sydney, as there are clearly defined laws in Australia regarding swimming pool fencing.

Types of Fences
Swimming pool fences may be of various types, based on the material they are made up of. Usually the material used for pool fencing includes steel, glass, vinyl, PVC, or aluminium. Ornamental aluminium is a common choice in pool fencing as it is powder coated and extremely durable, and does not require high maintenance as well. However, this option is not best suited for people seeking privacy with pool fences. Aluminium fences are also available in a variety of colours such as black, bronze, green or white.

PVC fences are also often used around pools.  There are two main types of fences, one which is the standard variety and the other which is meant for privacy, which looks like a solid panel. Pool Fencing made of glass is a popular choice nowadays and is available in two main varieties, namely, frameless and semi frameless. Another popular option for pool fences is mesh as it is easy to install, is see-though and can also be easily removed.  This option also prevents kids from sneaking into the poolside area.

Points to Consider
When looking to find the right material for a pool fence, there are a few important factors that need to be kept in mind before making the purchase.
The most important factor is the nature of surface on which the pool fence will be installed. Depending on the type of surface, whether it is soil or wood or concrete, the fencing needs to be bought and installed, as not all fences are suitable for a particular type of surface. For example, wood fencing is best suited to soil or wooden decks, while metal fences are better suited to concrete. Besides, wooden fences if installed in soil need to be supported by columns or posts which have a firm foundation in the soil.
While each type of swimming pool fence may have its strengths and limitations, you need to keep all the above factors in mind before taking a decision.

Benefits of Glass Shower Screens

Glass shower screens have undergone many changes over the years and now come with more benefits than ever before. The earlier shower enclosure consisted of tough glass panes that were usually frosted to increase privacy, and came with sliding or hinged doors. Nowadays, smart interior design has made shower screens utilitarian as well as attractive.
At present, modern day shower glass screens are available in frameless and semi-framed designs, fitted with clear glass which could add a feeling of space to a small bathroom.

Types of Shower Glass Screens
While clear Glass Shower Screens do not offer the user a sense of privacy, glass screens can be made to order in different types of glass. Some of the types of shower glass that are available nowadays include tinted glass which can add style to your bathroom without making it appear smaller, frosted glass which looks pleasing and also offers privacy, antiqued glass which looks good in traditional large bathrooms, or even etched glass panels which are artistic as well as functional.

If you have been planning to refurbish the overall look of your bathroom, then one of the main things that you need to consider would be to install a stylish glass shower screen that not only helps keep out water splashes but also looks elegant.

Benefits of Shower Glass Screens
One of the advantages of shower screens is that you can choose them according to your needs and taste. For instance, if you have a spacious corner in your bathroom, you may opt for a diamond shaped screen which will not only save space, but also make your bathroom look attractive.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens also double up as dividers in a bathroom, and help to create enclosed shower cubicles without the hassles of cost and construction. Folding shower screens can protect your bathroom from water spills, offer customized privacy and give you more options on designing your bathroom, instead of being restricted to just one style of shower screen.

Another variety of shower glass screens is the bi-fold shower glass screen which comprises two pieces of glass that can be easily folded into one piece, when not in use. This type is functional as well as cost effective. Shower glass screens that are clean, simple as well as stylish add value to your home. They are not only durable and functional, but add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Installing Glass Pool Fencing in Melbourne

Glass pool fencing used around swimming pools and spas nowadays is both useful and elegant and is available in various types. Let us look at the points that you need to consider while installing Glass Pool Fencing in Melbourne.

There are two main types of glass pool fencing available in the market, namely, semi frameless glass and frameless glass. While frameless glass fencing is supported by glass clamping at the bottom of the glass sheet instead of being supported by posts, semi frameless fences are usually supported by aluminium or stainless steel posts. While the former provides the pool area a secure fence and ensures that the view is not blocked, semi frameless fences seem to be stronger but may obstruct the view to a certain extent.

While glass pool fencing is usually clear, the colours of the posts or the clamps may vary or may be powder coated. Besides, the glass may also be available in clear or tinted varieties.

Glass pool fencing can be fixed to concrete, paved surfaces or tiles. It can also be attached directly to a timber deck using special clamps. Usually, glass pool fencing is installed by a professional pool fencing specialist which may take a couple of days to be completed.  However, some brands of glass fencing come with DIY kits which can enable you to install the fences yourself.

Cost & Maintenance
Glass pool fencing may have a higher initial cost than other types of pool fencing solutions, but it can be viewed as a deserving installation as it adds value to your property.  There can also a significant price difference between the two types of glass pool fencing, as frameless fencing can be more expensive than the semi frameless variety.

As far as maintaining it is concerned, glass pool fencing requires no special maintenance and an occasional cleaning of the glass is all it requires to keep it sparkling. Besides, good quality water proof stainless steel or coated aluminium ensures that the fixings do not rust. Glass pool fencing is a good bet as it ensures safety and some amount of privacy at the swimming pool.

When installing Glass Pool Fences in Melbourne, one must take into account the local laws and regulations as well. Of late the number of pool side accidents has gone up and thus there is a need for judicious use of these beautiful Fencing Solutions.