A D.I.Y Advice for Pool Fencing in Sydney

It is good to see that you are a diy enthusiast. We have seen many people like you doing pool fencing in Sydney passionately. When you are planning to install pool fencing in your property, I’m sure that you have already made a list of fencing materials and other things you require. Now you have to check with your local council for their specification regarding the rules and regulations of pool fencing.

Don’t worry about this thing as they will just check if you are following their city rules about fencing positioning, height of fences, gap between fences and the position of pool gate. They would also check the things like gas, power, water and telephone etc which are basically used in fencing installation. Pool fencing in Sydney is not really difficult at all.

Before you start, check your list out again. And be prepared for purchasing all of them. People may suggest you to buy all the materials from any online shopping portal, but buying those things online is not really recommended; because through online you would not able to understand the height and size of the fences and quality of other fencing materials.

Now you start your installation by marking out the post holes of the gate to the path way. Take a string line and peg out all the fences with that. You have to dig all the holes along the string line.

Get ready with fences of gate that makes your pool safe. Position the gate using timber props. Don’t forget to put chocks under the each fence as it allows a gap between two fences. Now you have to feel the hole with dry mix concrete.

The next step is to lay all the panels and posts maintaining the same distance from each other. Now Screw the entire rail fixing bracket to the panels. Now you have to compact dry mix concrete into the post holes and pour web cement into the holes to the half of the ground level. Wait 24 hours for cement to dry.

For further decoration, you can place caps on each post with rubber mallet. Your fencing is over now. But don’t forget to remove all props and chocks from the fence. If you wish you can backfill some soil over the exposed cement which you put into hole.

As you are thinking about installing fences around your pool, why not call a professional pool fencing supplier in Sydney. Whether it is for more advice, or a quote to install a fence, all you will get without any hassle.

What are the Advantages Of Installing Glass Fencing?

As you stop by here, it indicates that you definitely have second thoughts on glass fencing around your pool. Am I correct? If yes, then let me explain why you are wrong? These days fencing with glass materials are in huge demand. It is not only popular among individual house owner, corporate alike.

Earlier people used to think that fencing with glasses are unsafe as it might break into pieces upon the contact of any hard object. But these days are gone. Now we can easily get toughened and shatterproof glass screen fence in the market. You may think, only high price tag ruled people can think of reaping such thing. But you are wrong, as these days unbreakable glasses are available at a very affordable cost.

Glass screen fences can be of type categories – either frameless and semi frameless. No matter which pattern you choose, the installation process would be same. And both of them come with a safe barrier fence. So you don’t need to fear of breaking the glass. If you install toughened glass, it would actually not be broken, but in case it breaks due to the contact of any heavy jolt, it would break in big pieces and would not be able to wound or cut anyone.

Now let me tell you what advantages you can get if you install glass fencing around your pool? It gives you to opportunity to enhance the pool and the rest of your property. A crystal clear glass fence gives off a very sophisticated look. Anyone passing by your pool can enjoy the unobstructed view of your pool area.

You don’t worry about the durability of the Glass material used in fencing. This is the biggest advantage of glass screen fence. If you install toughened glass and handled it with proper care and maintenance, your fence would last for decades.

Another advantage of glass fence is that it is not prone to rusting and decay in the screen like any other material. In case any stain appears of the screen, you can easily clean it with linen clothes. If you maintain the glass with occasional hosting and cleaning off dirt and dust from the panels.

If you are looking a professional glass fencing supplier in your locality, you must consult with a company who has expertise in custom fitting, installing and replacing glass fences for homes and commercial areas.