What a Revolution in Bathroom: New Glass Shower Screens brought!

The spring ends and summer is approaching. Would you like to replace your old shower screen this time? Many years back when you built your house, you had installed old glass screen in your bathroom. But the glass screens have come a long way over the years. Did you notice it?

The old style glass shower screen was usually designed to let the light into the shower but it prevents water from escaping the shower enclosure. Earlier we had easily breakable textured glass that limits both sides visibility. Toughened of shatterproof glass were not available earlier. The panel of the glass door used to come with aluminium frames. Old fashioned frosted glass had a greenish cast to it. And that is all about!

Let me take you a look at today’s glass shower screens! These days the glass can easily be inset into the drywall and ceiling as well as in between the ground lines of the floor. Don’t think it is insecure. New fashioned glass screen wall comes directly to shower the floor with no door. You can find etched glass screen but it has clear option that doesn’t give you a greenish tint to the finish.

These days we have the option of a sliding door or a hinged door. No matter frameless or semi-framed glass shower enclosure you prefer to install, glass screen has brought about a revolution in the bathroom design.

The disadvantage of older glass screens was that its frames made the bathroom appear smaller. But if you use frameless shower screens, your bathroom would look more spacious.  And such an amazing furnishing with glass shower screen can only be installed if you find a good company who is able to point you in right direction.

Now you have to choose the glass screen supplier wisely. You may find many suppliers in Australia, but you must deal with the company who can only work according to your space and budget. You need to take time out to search for the suppliers in your area. Make sure that the company you contracted must be capable to provide you good quality product at an affordable rate.  Not only that, you need to check their range of products so that all support materials match with the hinges and panels. You must check that they provide you the products that are worth for money and can add beauty to your home.

Full or Semi, Maintenance of Glass Pool Fencing is Effortless!

A frameless fence around your swimming pool! No matter it is the glass or plexiglass, it looks awesome from a distance providing sophistication and elegance. It creates a more open feel to the yard as a whole; it allows the view of outside and you can enjoy uninterrupted views from the pool. People passing by, would definitely praise your property and this would make you feel a proud pool owner. Glass pool fencing has become very popular in Australia these days.

People think, glass fencing around the pool is not really required if they don’t have small kids at home. It is true that glass fencing can prevent the children from accidental drowning. On the other hand, it would also keep birds, bats, and any domestic pets away from the pool.

Installing glass pool fence is a bit expensive, but it involves less effort to maintain. The benefit of glass fencing is the fence has not bottom rail and the dirt runs straight of the glass. If you install toughened glass, it would be safe for children. You can install the fence to divide the pool area from the lawn or courtyard. With this you can easily watch your kid playing in the lawn while you are in the pool.

If you want to care about your neighbours who have children, such protected pool with fencing is really required. You can have those children over to swim. But make sure that you are present when those little kids are enjoying in the swimming pool or roaming nearby pool.

If you are DIY enthusiast, I’m sure, you would like to install you own frameless glass fencing idea. What type of glass fencing would you like to install around your pool? You can choose from either fully frameless or semi frameless glass fencing. Whatever type you choose, the installation process will be similar. Now you have to make a list of whatever you require to install the fences such as latches, hinges, aluminium channel for ground support and things for timber decking and concrete slab. Now you need to find out a professional glass fencing supplier in your area.

Now you have to purchase the materials. But before purchasing, check your list with your city clerk about city ordinates. While purchasing them, you must be rest-assured that all the things are high in quality and can be easily installed by you.

Diy Pool Fencing May Work Around Your Pool Area!

Are you planning to build a swimming pool in your front yard? Making a pool is not always an easy job. Rather it is a great responsibility to maintain the pool carefully. Not only the constant maintenance, there is a liability involved as if anyone, comes nearby, get harmed or might fall in. The pool is a big draw for kids. So you have to build the pool a completely protected area with safety fence for your neighbours who have children. So it is recommended to install a fence around the pool. Although pool fencing is not essential by law, you should keep the area safe for the kids.

Would you like to build Diy Pool Fencing? It is the best option for you if you are artfully inclined. You can start it any day. You just create your own pool fencing idea – what color you want on the fence, behind the fence, if you want any painted wall behind the fence, gaps in the fence, height of the fence panels, or if you like alternative height of the panels, if you want to add pull ball and hues in the pool etc.

If you want the fence panel high enough, make sure that slats are narrow enough, so that the children cannot access to climb or squeeze through. If you want to prevent the entry of the small children, it is advised to install a gate outside the pool. You can keep the gate from blowing open due to strong winds. The latches of the gate must be beyond the reach of the children. Don’t forget to keep the gate locked all the time. Putting the pool next to a hedge or step hill is also a good idea.

Before you install your Diy Pool Fencing idea, you need to check with local government to determine if they are ok with the materials you are going to use. Knowing the ruled set by the local ordinances in advance will help you avoid unnecessary purchasing.

Now you have to focus on installation process. Whatever type of fence you use, the installation process of any pool fencing is similar. Don’t scramble your head about where to find material and finish. Installation process is easy but must be maintained carefully on a regular basis. For materials you must find best Pool Fencing product supplier in your locality.

Features Of Glass Pool Fencing

Fencing plays an important role in improving the security of the area surrounding swimming pool. The glass panels used for fencing are toughened glass which makes it sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. It not only provides security and privacy but also adds to the aesthetic value of the pool. The pool fencing with glass adds a scoop of grandeur and magnificence to the pool. Its key features make it a popular choice for fencing in both backyard pool and commercial swimming pools. This article sheds light on various features of glass pool fencing.

Glass pool fence enhance the appearance of the area by adding a touch of opulence. These fences do not look out of place and blend in with any type of background. Glass fences not only give grand setting to the pool but also offer unobstructed view.

Glass pool fence do not use fragile glass that cannot endure alternate weather conditions. Toughen glasses are used for fencing as they have the ability to withstand salt water and is resilient to rust and decay.

Compared to steel or aluminum fences, glass pool fences are not only easy to clean but also simple to maintain. The dirt and grim on the glass panels can be washed off with water and detergent.

The transparent fence makes it easy to supervise kids and pets. The unhindered view offered by the glass fence ensures safety of the young ones.

Fence Warehouse is an established Supplier of fencing materials. The company offers a wide range of fencing products including glass pool fencing, glass balustrading, aluminium fencing, steel fencing, shower screens and many more. Leveraging on state-of-the-art infrastructure, the company has carved a niche for itself by providing quality products to its clientele.

Types Of Pool Fencing

Used in apartment buildings and hotels, pool fencing is a type of fence placed around the swimming pool to secure and guard the area. These passive barriers mark off the area to keep kids and pets away from the pool. The swimming pool fences are available in a variety of materials like Glass, Aluminium, Mesh, etc. Selection of type pool fencing depends on the budget, interests and priorities of the user. This article will shed light on diverse options for pool fencing.

One of the most preferred choices for fencing, glass offers aesthetic appeal to the pool with limited unhindered view. The glass pool fencing obstructs the noise and wind out but lets the light in. The glass pool fencing is available in two types, namely Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing.

Known for its sturdiness and durability, aluminum fence enhances the appeal of the pool. The unmatched strength of this fencing option gives it an edge over other materials. Though aluminum is a viable option but its disadvantages cannot be ignored. The problem with aluminum fence is that it has to be bolted in the ground or pool deck.

Wood is the most traditional method of fencing. Though it offers complete privacy, but it also blocks the view of the pool. The sturdy wooden pool fences are available in a myriad of styles and finishes. But its major drawback is that it requires regular maintenance.

The removable mesh fences offer a variety of benefits such as stability and climb resistance. These fences are also available in diverse sizes and colors to match the pool décor. Compared to other options, Mesh Pool Fences are the easiest to put in place.

Fence Warehouse is a distinguished Supplier of fencing materials. The wide array of products offered by the company includes glass pool fencing, glass balustrading, aluminium fencing, steel fencing, shower screens, and many more. Driven by the quality centric approach, the company aims to offer premium quality products to its clients.