The Advantages of Glass Shower Screen Doors

A beautiful bathroom is enough to pamper and sway you from that hectic everyday schedule. Following the contemporary style, everyone wishes for a sophisticated look for their bathroom. This is the basic reason why bathroom fixtures, decorative tiles and glass shower screens are gaining popularity these days.

Shower is the centerpiece of the bathroom and everyone likes to get it installed to enhance the beauty of the bathroom. Shower screens are known to add a look of luxury that is timeless. Shower screens provide with a spacious and beautiful look which is distinct and cannot be matched for its style. Some advantages of installing glass shower screen doors are listed below:

  • Glass Shower Screen Doors give a fresh and elegant look to the bathroom. They create a free flowing space which matches different bathroom designs and makes the area look bigger.
  • Glass is a strong and thick material. Glass Shower Screen Doors are known for their durability as they are made up of toughened glass. They can last for decades if maintained properly.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is clean off the dirt and dust from the glass panel. It is easy and quick to wash Glass Shower Screen Doors.
  • Shower screen doors made of glass help in avoiding splashes and leaks on the bathroom floor which can be really dangerous if someone slips and falls on the wet floor.
  • They create a sectioned off bathroom which is pleasing to the eye. It also makes you have a larger space as it does not block much of the space.
  • For those who wish to match the glass shower screen doors with their bathroom interior, there is a wide variety to choose from as they are available in different designs and styles.

Within the limits of your space and budget, there are different glass shower screen options available. So many options make it easier for you to find the perfect shower screen for your home.

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Pool Fences – Why Only A Professional Should Install It

The major reason of accidents around swimming pools is the inadequate safety measures. The most common victims to these accidents are kids and pets who drown in the swimming pools. And most of the times, these accidents can be prevented using the relevant safety methods. Considering this, the government has set up many regulations for safety around the swimming pool area. These regulations are necessary to be followed by the all the swimming pool owners whether in domestic households, hotels and spas. The safety regulations to which the swimming pools should be compliant are:

Swimming Pool Safety Regulations:

  • The pool fences should be about 1200 mm high and constructed in such way to prevent access by the small children and pets.
  • The horizontal rails of the pool fences should be about 900 mm apart.
  • The vertical posts of the pool fences should have a gap of about 100 mm between them.
  • The distance from the top of the fence to the highest lower horizontal support should not be less than 1100 mm.
  • Things on the adjoining land are not required to be considered while complying with the Australian standards of swimming pool fencing.

Why Hire A Professional For Pool Installation?
After deciding to install Pool Fencing, it is important to hire Pool-Fencing Contractor. Today, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pool fencing options are also available which look quite attractive as they can be easily installed without requiring any professional. But, even DIY pool fence need to be inspected to ensure that it is complying with the required standards. And, if it’s not complying with the standards then, you will have to reinstall the pool again. So, to prevent any such situation, then it is better that you take the help of a professional.  He will ensure that the pool fencing is installed as per the government regulation. He will take care that all the parts and accessories are fixed properly.

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Advantages Of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The primary concern of any person, while constructing a swimming pool, is to ensure safety and to avoid any mishaps or drowning tragedies in the pool. Installing a Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is one of the safe, reliable and affordable solutions that can make the pool secure without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. These transparent fences provide an unhindered view of the pool area and thus, maintain the elegance of the tranquil setting. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing has an edge over other fencing solutions because of the following advantages.

  • One of the major advantages offered by these fences is the maximum uninterrupted view of the pool area. This helps in keeping an eye on the activities going around the pool and thus, eliminates the possibility of any drowning accidents or injuries.
  • Apart from the safety benefits of these fences, they also help in beautifying the pool. These fences are made out of glass with almost invisible glass lines, and thus, they enhance the visual appearance of the pool and the sparkling water.
  • The surroundings of the pool always remain wet and therefore, there is need of a material that can withstand being wet without getting damaged or tarnished. Thus, glass fences are the most preferred choices as they are resistant to the damage caused by moisture and corrosion.
  • Another significant advantage associated with Frameless Glass Pool Fences is their durability and strength. These fences are made up of sturdy and unbreakable material that has an excellent ability to endure wind stress, shocks and other hostile forces. Thus, they have a long service life which usually lasts for decades.
  • Glass fences are stain resistant and thus, they are extremely easy to clean. All the dust particles and stains can be easily removed by using a glass cleaner or by a sponge wipe.
  • The toughened Frameless Glass Pool Fences are easy to install.  Their glass panels are typically positioned on the corrosion resistant and anodized stainless steel spigots that are bolted in the ground. Many people install these fences themselves at their homes or workplaces.

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