A Wide Range of Aluminium Fencing Options To Grace Your Space

Aluminium is the most preferred choice as fencing material. It is a lightweight material that is corrosion resistant as well. It is regarded as a good alternative to other kinds of fencing materials made from wood, mesh, etc. Aluminium Fencing is maintenance free and looks quite appealing too. What’s more, with a wide range of finishes and styles to choose from, opting for Aluminium Fencing is indeed a good decision.

Features Of Aluminium Fencing

  • Easy To Install - Aluminium fences are easy and quick to install. The different sections of aluminium fencing can be easily pre-assembled or punched. In addition to this, Aluminium being extremely ductile can be welded as per the installation requirement.
  • Low Maintenance - Aluminium Fences require low maintenance. They do not rust because they are specially treated for corrosion resistance and therefore require less or no maintenance.
  • Long Life - Aluminium Fences have a much longer life than wood or chain link fences that may need replacement after certain period of time. They can firmly withstand storms, rainfalls and likewise climatic conditions.
  • Attractive - Aluminium Fences come in a wide range of finishes. They can be finished with different colours and patterns. Thus they are not only sturdy but offer a classy look too.
  • Economical - In long run, Aluminium Fences prove far more economical than other kind of fences. Although the upfront cost of these fences is much more than that of wood or chain link fences, they incur low maintenance and are more cost effective.

Renovate your pool area with sturdy and reliable Aluminium Pool Fences. They are coated with special material and thus don’t corrode with time and are durable enough to last for years to come. So, once you have installed them around the swimming pools, you can be assured that they will not need replacement very soon. Also, you don’t have to worry about their maintenance. So, indeed they are the best option to choose from.

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Installation Tips For DIY Glass Pool Fencing

In recent times, Glass Pool Fencing has emerged as the most sought-after fencing solution. The reason behind the popularity of Glass Fences is simple – they are durable as well as aesthetically appealing. However, as Glass Pool Fencing is available in different dimensions, you must measure the pool area first and then order for the fences in the same dimensions. Also, it must be ensured that the fencing is not lying against any hard surface of construction materials like concrete tiles. While moving, make sure that it is placed or rested on rubber or timber surface. If the Glass Pool Fences are not handled and moved carefully, they can get damaged. Now, let’s go through some tips that will help you in installing DIY Glass Pool Fencing.

Installation Tips For Glass Pool Fencing

  • Before any drilling operation, make sure that you have checked the place of installation for any underground electrical wiring, telephone wiring, and gas and water connection. During the drilling, the wiring might get damaged. Also, make a list of the materials and tools that you will require for the Glass Pool Fencing Installation.
  • After deciding the place where the fence will be located, set up the string line on the fence line but keep it close to the ground setting it up between 30 to 90 mm from the ground. The distance between the string line and ground is dependent upon the ground level. Appropriately mark the post hole centre in the string line.
  • Drill the holes for ground posts about 500 to 600mm deep and 200mm wide. However, flanged poles can be fixed with the help of specific fixtures. If core drilling the holes, gently take out the core protecting the hole and tiling.
  • After doing all the preparation, it’s time to install the posts. Mark the post starting from the top matching the string line. Pour concrete to set the pole in the ground while for core drilling, keep the posts in place with wood chokes. Use the string line to position the bottom of the panel.
  • Now, it’s time to install the gates. Make sure that they open from all sides. Even ensure that the pool gates are opening away from the pool. At the end, put caps on the posts. Finish it off by cleaning.

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Glass Pool Fencing- A Stylish Alternative to Traditional Pool Fences

Swimming pools are found in public places like clubs, hotels, restaurants, commercial complexes as well as residential buildings and houses. They serve as an ideal space to throw parties and have fun. And, if one has a private swimming pool, then one need not have to wait to have fun as they can indulge themselves anytime they want. But having a swimming pool is not only about fun & parties; but also a matter of great responsibility. It is the duty of the owners to make certain that the pool is properly secured to ensure the safety of non-swimmers, pets and kids.

Pool fencing is one such measure that has been adopted by many pool owners to ensure safety around pool area. The market is full of various pool fencing options such as Glass Pool Fencing, Aluminium Pool Fencing, Steel Pool Fencing, etc. Amongst all the options, Glass Pool Fencing has turned out to be the most viable and attractive alternative of all. So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make Glass Pool Fencing stand out.

Glass Pool Fencing: A Stylish Alternative to Traditional Pool Fences

  • Strong- Pool Fences are installed around the pool for safety, so it is necessary that they are strong enough to bear the impact from falls. Glass Pool Fences may look brittle and delicate, but they are as strong as the other pool fencing alternatives.
  • Attractive- The Glass Pool Fences effectively add to the appeal of the pool area. These fences offer an unhindered view of the pool area & can be easily incorporated into any decor style. Another great thing about the Glass Pool Fencing is that it offers an illusion of space.
  • Non-corrosive- Aluminium & Steel Pool Fences are prone to corrosion if they are not coated with anti corrosive chemicals on regular basis. But, with Glass Pool Fences, you don’t need to worry as they are totally corrosion resistant.
  • Low Maintenance – Glass Pool Fences can easily survive extreme weather conditions. Unlike their other counterparts, they do not require any coating to protect them from wet conditions or UV coating to save them from scorching sunlight. They even do not break due to dryness. Therefore, the maintenance costs associated with Glass Pool Fences are quite low.

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Pool Fences: Types & Installation

If you have a swimming pool, a pool fence is a must have from safety aspect. It is very demanding to keep a close watch on kids and pets, who may get too close to the pool water and may be a victim of accident. To avoid any such unfortunate incident, it is better to have the right safety measures in place, and Pool Fences are valuable in the context. Besides, with the selection of right materials and fencing styles, you can redefine the aesthetics of the poolside area.

Types Of Pool Fencing
There is a wide range of materials suitable for fabrication of fences. Based in the materials, you get the following options.

  • PVC Fencing: PVC has an excellent resistance to physical impact, chemical attack, weathering, etc. and comes with superb tolerance to electricity. Although PVC Fences are expensive, they are extremely durable when compared to other Fencing Solutions.
  • Removable Mesh: These fences are not permanent and can be removed and reinstalled in different sections as and when the need arises. Removable Mesh is mostly used for the safety of kids.
  • Stainless Steel Fences: Stainless Steel fences are installed when the pool fence needs to be strong and tough particularly against corrosion.
  • Fiberglass Fences: Fiberglass combines strength with transparency and preserves the rich look of the pool.
  • Glass Fences: Glass Pool Fence offers a pristine view of the pool and highlights the pool premises.It is not only stylish but also provides a secure and unobstructed view of the entire pool area.
  • Wooden Fences: Wooden Pool Fences have a rustic appeal and are at the same time environment friendly for they can be recycled.

Installing A Pool Fence
All Pool Fence apart from Removable Mesh are fixed installation. Although they are not very difficult to install, yet, with an extra pair of hands the installation job gets easier. A lot of Pool Fence vendors provide installation services to their clients.

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Types of Glass Pool Fencing Sydney

In case you own a swimming pool, you should consider installing a fence around it. With a number of options available, when it comes to choosing the best fencing for your pool area, you may get confused. To simplify the things a bit, you should know that Glass Pool Fences will be a very good option. They are not only stylish, but also provide a secure and unobstructed view of the entire pool area.

Glass Pool Fence is usually made from toughened glass that comes in varying thickness. It is extremely strong and able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in outdoors. There are two main types of Glass Pool Fences:

  • Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fence: Semi Frameless Design is more versatile and can be used with greater flexibility. The Glass Fence in a Semi Frameless Design, which is secured deep in the ground. Typically, semi framed Glass Pool enclosures have a frame on the side but not on the top or bottom of the glass, this gives the pool fence an exclusive look. At the same time, they are available at relatively modest prices compared to their frameless counterpart.
  • Frameless Glass Pool Fence: Frameless Glass Pool Fences come in a variety of configurations and shapes. The choice of the Frameless Glass Pool depends on the pool size, dimension and design. Frameless Glass Pool Fence is made from thick pieces of glass that do not require a frame to hold them in place. They are generally more expensive for they provide a seamless view.

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