Points To Consider While Installing Security Fences

Installing Fences ensures safety of life and property. Fencing helps prevent crime. Fencing is usually done outside one’s house or workplace but areas like pools, gardens, stairs, etc. all need proper Fencing so as to prevent accidents. There are various types of Fencing systems available in the market. These Security Fences are prepared in a way that they enhance the aesthetic appearance of any house or building. However, Installing Security Fences is not as simple as it sounds.

Points To Consider While Installing Security Fences

  • Fencing Material- There are various types of Fencing Materials available.

o  Glass- Glass has been a widely used Fencing Material because of its beauty. Glass can be formed into various shapes and sizes. Therefore, Glass Fences can be customized to suit every individual need.
o  Aluminium- Aluminium is a lightweight metal, which makes it suitable as a Fencing material. Aluminium Fences are easy to install. Many DIY, that is Do It Yourself kits, made of Aluminium are available in the market. DIY kits are very pocket friendly.
o  Mesh- Wire Mesh of different metals is used to make Security Fences. One should ensure that the mesh size is small enough not to allow any foot or hand hold.

  • Height- The height of the Fencing Material should be at least of the same height as that of the rods or posts, to which they are attached.
  • Hardware- One should thoroughly check that all the hardware such as nut, bolts, nails, wires, screws, hinges, etc. are installed properly. This will reduce the chances of people injuring themselves while using these Security Fences.
  • Posts- The posts, to which the Fencing materials are attached, are the pillars of strength of any Fencing system. They should be of the height of the Fencing material and should be sturdy. The fixing of the posts to the ground should be firm enough to prevent the Fence from shifting and breaking.

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Installing Aluminium Fences And Gates

Aluminium Fences and Gates are widely used for security purposes. The best part of Aluminium is its light weight, which makes it easy to handle. Various types of DIY (Do It Yourself) Fencing kits made of Aluminium are available. Aluminium Fences and Gates come at affordable prices. They are very easy to use and install, if one keeps certain points in mind while installing them. Those points are listed below.

  • The contact of harmful chemical with the Aluminium Fences and Gates should be avoided.
  • Fertilizers as well as garden chemicals should not be used in and around the Aluminium Fences and Gates.
  • The bases of the posts are the points providing strength to any Fencing System. Therefore, they need thorough considerations. If concrete is used to fix them, the excess of it should be removed completely to prevent build up of water.
  • Other objects should not be leaned or stacked against the Fence.
  • Aluminium Fences and Gates should be monthly cleaned only with a soft brush or with a solution of mild detergent. Using harsh cleaning products can damage the Fencing material.
  • It is required to remove the metal fillings properly after any kind of drilling.
  • Before installing Aluminium Fences and Gates, one should check for any kind of underground services such as power, telephone, gas and water.

Steps Of Installation

  • First step- First of all one should dig the postholes of the gate. From that position other holes for posts should be dig with exact measurements. Now one needs to set the string line. String line of Aluminium Fences and Gates should be as close to ground as possible.
  • Second step- Step two is installing the Aluminium Gate. It should be ensured that the posts of the gate are properly leveled and that they are in line with the line of the string.
  • Third step- The next and last step is the fixing of panels and posts. Different panels should be specifically fixed according to the need. The main thing is the maintenance of the string line with the panels.

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Protect Your Family With Pool Fence

Pool Fencing is an investment to ensure safety as well as peace of mind. Swimming Pools have always been a place of danger for small kids, non-swimmers and pets. Every year a number of children die or narrowly escape death from drowning. Making one’s pool safer by installing Pool Fence is one of the ways to ensure happiness of one’s family. Even if one does not have any children or pet or elderly person in the house, installing Pool Fencing is mandatory in countries like Australia.

Installing Pool Fences – Safety Considerations

  • Any child can overcome a barrier if it is not sufficiently high. Therefore, the height of the Pool Fence is a special consideration and should not be lower than 48 inches.
  • The Pool Fence should not have footholds and handholds. This ensures that a child cannot climb over the Pool Fence.
  • If a Pool is protected by a solid barrier then the construction should be perfectly clean. No protrusions or indentations should be there on the barrier, so as to prevent a child or a pet from getting into the pool by climbing over it.
  • In a Pool Fence with vertical pickets, the spacing between the pickets should be such that it prevents kids from sliding through the gap.
  • The distance between the ground and the Pool Fence should not be more than 4 inches.
  • For a mesh type of Pool Fence, it is required to have mesh sizes less than 1- ¼ inches.
  • Aboveground Pools have a structural barrier intrinsic to them but that does not ensure 100% safety. For that, the access area of the aboveground Pool should be well secured with the above-mentioned specifications.

There are various types of Pool Fences available in the market. While installing a Pool Fence the customer should check that all the above-mentioned safety measures are taken into consideration. Based in Australia, Fence Warehouse is a reputed DIY Fencing Material Supplier. The product portfolio includes DIY Pool Fencing, DIY Glass Fencing, DIY Slat Fencing, Shower Screens, and Gate Automation. Fence Warehouse has 25 years of industry experience.  They offer a wide variety in all these products. The products are reasonably priced.

Importance of Glass Pool Fencing

Who doesn’t like to play in the pool? No matter, if the water is cold or even if you are getting late for an appointment… all of us love to bask in the sunshine while sitting in the pool. But according to recent statistics, swimming pools are increasingly becoming a death trap for little kids & non-swimmers. Nowadays, many types of Pool Fencing options are available to prevent the occurrence of accidental deaths & drowning in the Pool. Out of all, Glass Pool Fencing is considered the perfect blend of- aesthetics and safety.

Glass Pool Fencing – Why It Is A Popular Choice?

  • Installing a fence is a rather time-consuming task. Unlike others, the installation process of the Glass Pool Fencing is relatively easier. You can contact any contract based Glass Pool Fencing expert for this purpose.
  • Nowadays, Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a very popular choice among pool owners. The visual appeal of the Glass Pool Fencing is simply enthralling. This type of fencing provides a clear and transparent view of the pool side. So even if you are not in the pool, you can still get a glimpse of the shimmering beauty & at the same time keep a watch on what your kids are up to in the pool.
  • Safety is still considered one of the most important factors for choosing Glass Pool Fencing. If you have kids at home, then installing Glass Pool Fencing around your pool is a must.

Looking for places to get the finest Glass Pool Fencing, Fence Warehouse is one of the reputed Glass Pool Fencing Suppliers In Melbourne. The company offers a variety of fencing products like DIY Pool Fencing, Semi-Frameless And Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, Aluminum fencing, Steel and Security Pool Fencing in the Australasia. Fence Warehouse is an established Fence Pool Material Supplier In Australia. This company also provides excellent installation services for its clients.

4 Things to Know About Frameless Glass Pool Fences Suggestion

Pools have always been fun! Who likes to wait for a Sunday to swim in a pool? To have swimming pools at homes is a sheer delight! But the ever increasing cases being reported of pool drowning and accidents have acted as a dampener on the enthusiasm of people. Installing Glass Pool Fences is a great way to ensure the safety of kids & non-swimmers.

Installing Glass Pool Fencing – Some Safety Guidelines

  • Children are always keen to get into the swimming pool. But doing so, without parental guidance can lead to accidents & even deaths. In Australia, where there are strict regulations for pool owners regarding installation of Pool Fences, Glass Pool Fencing is a popular choice. Ideally, the gates on these fences should be self-closing & access may even be restricted by assigning a code.
  • If the above-the-ground pool has barriers, then there should be vertical clearance between the top of the pool and bottom of the fence. The clearance should not be more than 4 inches.
  • The gap between the door and the fence should be less than 4 inches. An opening wider than this may allow a kid to slide through, which would only defeat the purpose of installing the Glass Pool Fences in the first place.
  • An alarm may be installed at the gate of the Glass Pool Fence for added security. It should automatically get triggered every time the Pool gate is opened.

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