Glass Swimming Pool Fencing – 3 Ways to Make Your Pool Look Great

No other Pool Fencing can beat Glass Swimming Pool Fencing when it comes to ensuring security along with enhancing the aesthetic quotient of the Swimming Pool. What’s more, you can find Glass Pool Fencing in different variants that can make your swimming pool look simply great.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing: Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is just the best way to ensure that the beautiful view of your swimming pool doesn’t get spoiled. The Frameless Glass Fencing is practically imperceptible. Metal anchors that attach the Frameless Glass Fencing to the ground are the only visible things. Excluding that, it’s just like looking out of a window. And yes, although it’s frameless, the Glass Pool Fencing is sturdy enough to endure almost anything that environment throws at it. Besides, since the anchors also known as “spigots” that attach Frameless Glass Fencing to the ground are made of stainless steel, aluminium, or nickel; thereby, you can be sure of its stability and security.

Frameless Glass Balustrades: Frameless Glass Balustrades take Frameless Glass Fencing one step ahead. Rather than being anchored in the deck or ground, Frameless Glass Balustrades are connected to the side of the walls. That way, not even a tiny anchor is there to distract the view away from the swimming pool! Thus, Frameless Glass Balustrades are as completely invisible. Also, the Frameless Glass Balustrades too are quite durable and can endure destructive winds.

Semi Frameless Glass Fencing: Semi Frameless Glass Fencing is the best choice for all those who don’t want to go totally frameless yet don’t want to spoil the view. The Semi Frameless Glass Fences are as sturdy as their frameless counterparts; the only difference is that the former are anchored with thin rods rather than anchors in the ground. The rods in Semi Frameless Glass Fences are especially layered to endure humidity, heat and corrosion. Besides, this type of Glass Fencing can be done on decks that have previously been cemented or tiled.

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Glass Pool Fencing – A Smart Option

Undeniably, Glass Swimming Pool Fencing is the way to go if you want that the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool doesn’t fade away because of the brocades around. The see-through Glass Pool Fencing looks amazing and ensures the same amount of security as the Steel Fencing or any other Metal Fencing does. Continue reading to know about these benefits along with several other benefits of Glass Pool Fences.

Why Glass Pool Fencing Is A Smart Option?
Below-mentioned are the factors that answer the aforesaid question:

  • Aesthetics: There is no comparison when it comes to the beauty of Glass Pool Fencing. Clear as crystal, the Glass Pool Fencing has high aesthetic quotient. In fact, the high visual appeal is the very basis feature for which Glass Pool Fencing is highly sought-after. The added benefit is, Glass Pool Fences can easily be formed in various types and designs to meet one’s specific preferences.
  • Robustness: Several people out there have this conception that the Glass Pool Fencing might not be as robust and durable as Metal Pool Fencing, although this is completely wrong. Glass Pool Fencing is as sturdy as any other fencing variety and can withstand shocks and impacts. As well, Glass Pool Fencing is sturdy enough to withstand heavy rainfall, destructive winds.
  • Cost-Effective: As compared to other Fencing options, Glass Pool Fencing requires least maintenance. However, regular care must be there.
  • Varieties: There are several options to choose from when it comes to Glass Pool Fencing. Right from Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, Semi Frameless Glass Fencing and to Frameless Glass Balustrades, one can choose from different types of Glass Pool Fences.

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Option You Have For Fencing The Pool Attractively

To have a marvellous home with a swimming pool in the courtyard is what most of the people on earth dream of. Well, those who are able to turn their dream into reality must consider Pool Fencing as a necessity, especially if living in Australia. Australian government is quite strict when it comes to safety pertaining to the swimming pool and that’s why you need to get the pool fenced with sturdy materials, as per the stated guidelines. However, if you thought that installing fences around the swimming pool will encroach on the beautiful view then you are completely mistaken. The reason is quite simple i.e. you can always go for Glass Fencing. Glass Fencing has emerged as one of the most sought-after Contemporary Fencing Solutions in recent times and there are several factors to justify the same.

Glass Fencing: The Best Option You Have For Fencing The Pool Attractively
Glass Fencing around the swimming pool makes the ambience all the more appealing. Being perfectly clear, Glass Fencing doesn’t block the beautiful view of the swimming pool. Glass Fencing perfectly complements the yard at the same time as adheres to the pool fencing obligations and keeps the pool personal and safe. Furthermore, there are several variants that you can choose in Glass Fencing. For instance, you can go for the beautiful Glass Balustrading for a dramatic effect, or can settle on Frameless Glass With Holes or without holes. Similarly, you can choose from Glass Balustrading with or without holes. In addition, you can install Semi Frameless Glass Fencing that looks quite amazing. There are so many styles and designs to choose from when it comes to Buying Glass Fences. All the variants in Glass Fencing are well-designed and look quite sophisticated.

However, prior to finalising the buying decision, don’t forget to have adequate information about the different types, styles and designs available in Glass Fencing.

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The Regulations To Follow While Installing Pool Fencing In Australia

The government of Australia, on seeing the increasing cases of accidental drowning, has introduced a set of Pool Fencing guidelines that must be followed by all the pool owners. According to these guidelines, those who own pools must opt for Pool Fences and the entire installation must be done as per the set regulations. You are certainly a responsible parent, to be precise, a good citizen, if you have already thought of these Pool Fencing regulations or guidelines prior to the construction of the pool itself.

Pool Fencing Regulations In Australia:
Some of the general Pool Fencing regulations that are set to be followed by pool owners in Australia comprise:

  • The Pool Fencing should be sturdy and must be compactly installed. Pool Fences must be made from durable materials.
  • The Pool Fencing should be well maintained. It must be thoroughly checked to ensure that there are no holes, gaps, rust or damage.
  • The minimum height of Pool Fencing must be 1.2 m high from the outer surface.
  • The gap in Pool Fencing should be no more than 10 cm between the ground and the bottom of the pool fencing. Similarly, the gap between the panels should be no more than 10 cm.
  • The gate should open towards the outside from the pool area. Additionally, it should be completely self closing and self bolting, regardless of the position it opens in.
  • As a rule, the handle of the gate should be mounted inwards (of the gate) so that you need to bend over the gate to unbolt it. In case the handle or latch is on the outside of the gate, it should be no less than 1.5 m high.

Though Pool Fencing regulations are quite similar throughout the Australia, yet you must be aware that every individual state might have introduced its own set of regulations that the swimming pool owners should follow. Heavy fines are imposed on failing to obey these regulations hence it is essential that you consult either the pool builder or the local council prior to installing the Pool Fencing.

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Why Aluminium Pool Fencing Is Better

Of course, you would love to have a swimming pool in the patio of your home or office. Well, this is about comfort and amusement that anybody would like to have. But hang on! Have you thought of the safety aspects too? Yes, you got it right. Safety must be prioritised and this is what the Aluminium Pool Fencing is all about. Aluminium Pool Fencing is believed to be one of the most trusted Fencing Solutions and there are several factors that attribute this belief. Continue reading to know why.

Aluminium Pool Fencing: The Durable Pool Fencing
One of the many factors that make Aluminium Pool Fencing the most admired is its durability. The sturdy Aluminium Pool Fencing is long lasting; thereby provides complete value for money.  No matter how tough the weather conditions are the Aluminium Pool Fences stand firmly. As well, Aluminium Pool Fences don’t get corroded or warped.

Lightweight & Easy To Install:
Another advantage of Aluminium Pool Fencing is that it is lightweight; thereby, can easily be installed.  It simply means that you can have the complying pool fence totally erected in a day or so if it is being installed by professionals. What’s more, you can install the Aluminium Pool Fencing yourself. For DIY Aluminium Pool Fence, all you need is a range of tools along with a spare weekend!

Aluminium Pool Fencing: High On Aesthetics
Aluminium Pool Fencing comes in a number of variants to choose from. You can Buy Aluminium Pool Fencing in different styles and finishes to complement traditional as well as ultra modern home.

Least Maintenance:
By and large, Aluminium Pool Fencing is powder coated. The coating on the surface doesn’t let water seep into the internals, which indicates sturdiness of Aluminium Pool Fencing over the years. Thus, very low maintenance is required for Aluminium Pool Fencing. You are only required to clean the Aluminium Pool Fencing with the gap of three to four days.

Even with so many benefits, Aluminium Pool Fencing is completely economical. It won’t cost you much and you will definitely bask in your decision of buying it.

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