Everything You Need to Know About Pool Fences in Western Australia

So, have you finally decided to go for Pool Fences? Right decision indeed, if you have! But hang on! If you are a resident of Sydney, Perth or any other part of Western Australia; then prior to installing Pool Fencing some important considerations need to be analysed before you go ahead. Continue reading to get acquainted with those essential considerations.

The Legal Definition Of A Swimming Pool:
In Western Australia, as per the legal definition, a Swimming Pool is any controlled space of water that is deeper than at least 300 millimetres on the premises and is basically meant for either swimming or wading. Such Swimming Pools which are deeper than 30 cm or 300 millimetres must have Pool Fencing around it.

The Major Pool Fencing Requirements:
Pool Fencing at least up to 1200 mm in height, above the ground, should be installed around the Swimming Pool. The Pool Fencing should also include bordering adjustments comparative to the ground slope along with the top portion being configured as a completely Non-Climbing Zone (NCZ). In case, a chain link or mesh structure is used, the minimum opening size should be no larger than 13 mm for a 1200 mm tall Pool Fence, or at least 100 mm for an 1800 mm tall fence.

Area Around The Pool Fence:
A Non-Climbing Zone of no less than 900 mm must be there around the peripheral barrier of the Pool Fence. This should be an area where trees, shrubs, furniture, ladders, or likewise objects (on which a child can stand on to climb up) must not be there. In the same way, windows or doorways across the pool area should also have a Non-Climbing Zone cleared around them. As well, if enhancing brick work is applied around the pool area, then the likely handholds or toeholds should have a least of 900 mm gap amid them so that to prevent kids from using them as climbing surface.

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Glass Fencing Melbourne

To ensure the safety around swimming pool, Pool Fencing is a must especially if you are living in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, Brisbane or any other part of Australia. Considering the increase in the number of accidental drowning cases, the Australian government has made it compulsory for all the states to adopt the thoughtfully framed Pool Fencing Regulations. As per the Australian Standards for Pool safety, every pool and spa owner is required to get the Fencing installed within seven days of completion of the structure. Well, there are several options available when it comes to Pool Fencing. But for those who want to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their swimming pool apart from ensuring safety, there is no better option than Glass Pool Fencing.

Glass Fencing: Benefit And Choices Available
The benefit of installing Glass Pool Fencing is that it includes both aesthetic quotient and additional safety features. This will make the premises and pool area the object of envy of everyone out there in the neighbourhood. Besides, you can find plenty of choices in Glass Pool Fencing; some of them being:

  • Frameless Glass Fences
  • Frameless Glass Fences With Holes
  • Frameless Glass Fences Without Holes
  • Semi Frameless Glass Fences

The different Glass Pool Fences further come in a plethora of styles, sizes and colours. In fact, there are several Glass Fencing Suppliers in Melbourne providing custom-made solutions to the pool owners. You can contact any genuine Glass Fencing Supplier in Melbourne to get the Glass Fencing customised as per requirement and preference.

Why Choose Glass Pool Fencing Above All?
Glass Pool Fencing provides you with all those safety benefits that you get from any other Pool Fencing type, be it the Aluminium Pool Fencing or the Steel Pool Fencing. In fact, there is additional benefit associated with Glass Pool Fencing. Having the Glass Pool Fencing around the swimming pool simply means that you can see right through it. This also implies that you can always keep an eye on children while they splash around in the swimming pool or play in garden. As well, you can spot trespassers more easily, if you have installed Glass Fencing around the swimming pool.

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Pool Fencing in Australia – What You Need to Know

As stated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 80 % of drowning casualties during a five year period were children below the age of five years. Most of these victims were children who had unknowingly fallen in & drowned. Considering these statistics, the Australian government made it strictly mandatory to install safety barriers around the swimming pools. The Pool Fencing in Australia has to be done as per the Australian Standards which have to be necessarily implemented by every state government.

Pool Fencing In Australia – Safety Barriers
As per the Australian Standards, the Pool Fencing in Australian states is a must to prevent young children from gaining access to swimming pool and getting accidentally drowned. While getting the swimming pool fenced, requisite considerations must be taken into account with regard to how the young children might try to enter the swimming pool – whether under, above or through the Poll Fencing.

Pool Fencing In Australia – Regulations
The safety standards for Pool Fencing in Australia compel the pool and spa owners to get Pool Fences properly installed around the swimming pool. They have to follow the stated regulations within a seven-day time duration right after the pool or spa is constructed and the structure is filled with water deeper than 300 mm. The Australian Standards for Pool Safety also necessitate a written notification to the neighbour with regard to the presence of a pool or spa in close proximity, in case a shared boundary fence is being used as part of the spa or pool barricade.

Considerations Regarding Pool Fencing In Australia
The pool and spa owners must ensure that the Pool Fencing must be tested and certified by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities). Also, the Pool Fences have to pass seven different tests for conformity to the Australian Standards for Pool Safety. One can conduct a web search to know in detail about the seven tests as well as surpassing needs for each test conducted.

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If You Have A Pool You Need Pool Fences

Do you have a Swimming Pool in your courtyard? Are you looking to install a new, stylish and attractive Fencing? Nowadays, people in Australia are experimenting with variety of Pool Fencing. Glass Pool Fencing is one of them. You can find one of the best spectacular designs such as Glass Pool Fencing, Mesh Pool Fencing, or Aluminum Pool Fencing in the market today. By installing Pool Fencing you can ensure the security and safety of your pool. There are number of reasons due to which Pool Fencing has become very important today.

  • Ensure Safety: Pool Fencing ensures the safety of non-swimmers, pets & children. Death by drowning in residential pools was among the major reasons responsible for the death of kids, until the Australian government implemented stricter pool safety regulations.
  • For Redefining The Look Of Your Pool:  Redefining your pool surroundings is very easy, all you need is a trendy looking Pool Fencing. One can install galvanized Fences which are not only durable but enhance the look of the house. It gives a stylish look to the pool and adds value to the property.
  • Maintain Privacy:  Privacy of pool is one of the prime aesthetic. People enjoy spending long hours around the swimming pools for relaxing or reading novels. Hence Fencing provides you with the ultimate way of maintaining privacy.

You can find various companies offering high quality Fencing solutions to the clients. The customers are free to choose the right fence according to their taste. Hence, get ready to install fencing with some of the amazing designs for your Pool.

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All You Want To Know About Fencing

If you have a spectacular garden or a shimmering swimming pool, then together with ensuring the security you can also enhance the visual appeal; all this just by installing the right Fencing. Fencing not only secures the particular area but also creates an ambience for the section. You have the option of choosing from a variety of styles and exquisite designs of Fences, such as Glass fencing, Aluminum Pool Fencing, Steel Fencing, etc.

Tips While Installing The Fences

  • While installing the Fences, you need to understand your landscaping. You need to select a fence type that complements the yard/pool area. For example, you can install Wooden Fencing around the garden. The wooden texture will enhance the beauty of the backyard and provide you with much needed privacy. Moreover you can decorate it with artificial flowers to create a natural scenic beauty. Similarly, you can easily find variety of options for your Swimming Pool Fences.
  • If you are looking to install a classy and stylish Swimming Pool Fence, go for stunning Glass Pool Fencing with Frameless or Semi- Frameless Glasses.
  • Many people install Tabular Steel Security fencing at the gate. It is not necessary that you follow the old outdated designs for your gate. Classy Steel Fencing with decorative gates is also available in the market. One can easily find the right Fence to match with your home exteriors, all you need to do some research.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with new designs; nowadays there are many stylish fencing options available, where the security factor is not compromised. Hence check out the maintenance free, attractive and durable fencing and redefine your sweet home.

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