Pool Fencing: Safety For Your Swimming Pools

Pool Fencing is the best way of barricading the swimming pools and thus ensuring safety of individuals from accidentally falling into the water and getting drowned. You can find a wide range of options in Pool Fencing and can simply opt for the one that goes well with your requirements and is easy on the pocket too.
Some Considerations:
Prior to making any choice keep in mind that the Pool Fences provide complete privacy and no one can climb it over, especially the kids. To ensure the same, you can go through the concerned Pool Fencing Regulations of the state you live in. The Pool Fencing Laws have generally to do with the supposed height of the fences, the objects that can be positioned in the proximity of the swimming pools and the scope for gaps between the fences.

The Wide Options To Choose From:

  • Aluminium Fencing- Aluminium Fences are known for sturdiness and durability. These types of Pool Fences are easy to maintain and look stylish too. Besides, the Aluminium Fences are especially coated with certain chemicals so that they can firmly stand moisture and extreme environment conditions.
  • Glass Fencing- Glass Fencing is sturdy, durable and elegant. Glass Fences are easy to clean and maintain. In recent times, Glass Fencing has emerged as contemporary and stylish fencing type. However, Glass Fences are expensive than other types of fences.
  • Mesh Fencing- Mesh Fencing is popular because of the easy to fix and remove traits. Besides, the Mesh Fencing too is sturdy, economical and looks nice.
  • Wrought Iron Fencing - Wrought Iron Fences have good strength and can be customised as per the specific Pool Fencing requirement. However, the drawback of Wrought Iron Fences is that they easily get rusted because of the climate conditions and thus are not widely used.
  • Chain Link Fencing- Chain Link Fencing is considered to be a cost-effective. The Chain Link Fences are generally galvanized or can also be coated with certain materials.

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Protect Your Family With Pool Fencing

Of course, you start enjoying the moment you step into swimming pool and get yourself refreshed. You just love every moment of being in the cool, sparkling water. Well, having fun undoubtedly is always a prime concern but it’s all worth it only if there is no negative aspect regarding safety – the pool safety. Considering the increased number of accidental drowning cases, Australian Government has implemented several pool safety laws. According to these regulations, all the pool owners are compulsorily required to get their swimming pools properly and completely fenced.

Pool Fencing is the smartest way of ensuring the protection of kids and pets from getting inadvertently drowned in swimming pool. There are different types of Pool Fencing options to select from. To state some, you can go for Glass Pool Fencing, Steel Fencing, Aluminium Pool Fencing, and in fact, Temporary Fencing.

All the Pool Fences that are readily available throughout the markets have their distinct advantages and drawbacks. The Fencing Solution that suits your requirements and preferences best must be chosen after thorough research work. For instance, the Metal Pool Fences are quite sturdy, durable and thus complete value for money. They can be slightly expensive, but then provided the safety quotient the cost factor can be neglected. Moving further, if you want to attain attractive ambience apart from safety, then you can opt for Glass Fences. They look stylish and are quite hit these days. Then there are Mesh Fences that come under the category of Temporary Fencing. This type of fencing, as evident from the name, can be fixed or removed as per requirement.

There are several options in Pool Fencing, and the selection of the best must be done keeping in mind the privacy, safety and cost-effectiveness quotients. After all, you value your dear ones more than money.

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Pool Fence Safety Guidelines For Homes

Just one look at the statistics of yearly deaths and injuries which happen due to accidental drowning in residential pools, is enough to make anybody understand the necessity of the strict pool safety legislations enforced by the Australian government. Besides the fact that most of the victims are kids, the even sadder fact is that these deaths could easily have been avoided if the pool owners had just been responsible & installed Pool Fences.

Having a swimming pool at your home is not all about fun; it is also a potential safety hazard for kids, pets and non-swimmers. But does this mean that house owners should refrain from having swimming pool in their premises? Of course not, but at the same time, it is essential that a proper Pool Fencing be installed around the swimming pool.

Some Of The Pool Fence Safety Guidelines For Homes Include -

  • The Pool Fencing around the swimming pool should be of the minimum height prescribed as per the local pool safety regulations.
  • There should be no climbable objects in the vicinity e.g. flower pots, ladders, trees, etc. which kids can use to climb over the Pool Fence.
  • The railings in the Pool Fence (if any) should be close together & gaps (if any) must not be more than that prescribed in local pool safety guidelines.
  • There is also a minimum level of gap space (that can be left under the pool fence) as per the local pool safety regulations.
  • There should be no unprotected door or window openings in the Pool Fencing to ensure the safety of kids and pets.
  • There should be fully functional latches & locks on the Pool Fences to ensure that kids do not enter the pool area unsupervised in any circumstances.

These are some of the more important Pool Fence Safety Guidelines which if diligently adhered to can easily bring down the accidental pool death rates. Fence Warehouse in Melbourne offers excellent Pool Fencing Solutions to clients. The company has expertise in Glass Pool Fencing which includes Frameless Glass Pool fences as well as Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fences. To ensure top rate products & excellent quality, the Glass Pool fences are checked for flaws based on different aspects like – glass surface finish, edge finish, labeling identification, packing specification, etc. For more details about the company, log on to fencewarehouse.com.au.

Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe With Pool Fencing

A Swimming Pool is no longer a luxury, rather a necessity. But having a swimming pool in the premises is not all about unlimited fun & the luxury of swimming any time one wants; it also involves the responsibility of ensuring that the pool is safe for kids and pets. Installing a proper Pool Fence is the first step towards ensuring the safety of kids, pets & non-swimmers.

Tips On How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe With Pool Fencing

  • As mentioned earlier, proper Pool Fencing is essential to prevent cases of accidental drowning. In fact, the Australian government has made it mandatory for pool owners to have a pool fence for safety reasons.
  • The Pool Fencing material chosen should be sturdy to prevent any accidents. There are options like Glass Pool Fencing, Aluminium Pool Fencing, etc. available with Pool Fencing Suppliers today.
  • There is a minimum height prescribed by the Australian government in regard with pool fence height. This is to ensure that kids/pets do not climb over the pool fence.
  • The Pool Fence Design should be such that any attempts to climb over it are unsuccessful. The loop top design is one such design that makes it harder for kids to climb over.
  • There is also a minimum allowed gap space between the rails in the fence as per the safety standards prescribed by the Australian government. While installation, it is essential to ensure that there is no gap under the Pool Fence through which kids or pets can crawl through.
  • The gates in the Pool Fencing should have a proper latch, which should be above the reach of kids/pets. It is essential to keep the latch locked at all times to restrict any unauthorized entry into the pool. Having an automatic latch is also a great idea to maintain pool safety.
  • There should be no climbable objects (ladders, trees, pots, chairs, etc.) within the Pool Fence vicinity as it may be used by kids as a means to climb over the fence.

Following these tips diligently will ensure that the kids and pets in the house are safe from accidental drowning, which is among the biggest cause of toddler deaths in Australia. Fence Warehouse in Melbourne is among the leading Fencing Products Suppliers Australia. The company offers quality products to clients, which includes – Glass Pool Fences, Glass balustrades, Slat screens, Gate Automation Systems, Aluminium pool fences, temporary fences & many others. For more details, log on to fencewarehouse.com.au.

How To Buy Pool Fences

Buying a Pool Fence is not as easy a decision as it may look to be. Especially in Australia, there are strict laws regarding pool safety & non-conformity with the guidelines may result in cancellation of the pool license. So while buying Pool Fences, it is necessary to keep the safety considerations in mind. Though safety considerations are a big issue, there are yet other factors which need thinking about.

Buying Pool Fences – Important Considerations

  • What Kind Of Pool Fencing Material To Choose? - There are many different kinds of materials that are available in the market, as far as pool fencing is concerned. It depends on the buyer to decide what kind of Pool Fencing Material would serve his/her needs. Some popular alternatives include – Glass Pool Fences, Aluminium Pool Fences, etc. Glass Pool Fencing is the most preferred of all kinds of options.
  • Does Pool Fencing Design Also Matter? - Yes, if there are kids/pets in the house, choosing a child-proof design like loop top fence design would be a smarter choice as compared to a flat top design.
  • Where Should One Buy The Pool Fencing From? - Whatever type or design of Pool Fencing one is choosing is not as important as it is to buy Pool Fencing from a reputed Pool Fencing Supplier. One needs to ensure that Pool Fencing complies with Australian Standard AS 1926.1 & other safety standards. Buying from a reliable Pool Fencing Supplier ensures that fencing will be up to mark and sturdy.

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