Gate Systems And How They Work

Gate systems are the perfect security solution for domestic as well as commercial establishments. The sophisticated gate systems leave no room for any accidental security breach by intruders. A wide range of Gate systems are available to suit different kinds of security requirements of the clients.

Types Of Gate System And Their Working

  • Arm Gate System: The Arm Gate System is one of the most preferred Gate Systems as they provide easy installation facility, high reliability and simplified working. Arm Gate System is suitable for areas having a humid environment and high risk of flooding, as the motor is not installed underground hence does not run the risk of malfunctioning
  • Swing Gate System: Swing Gate System is a special category of Swinging Gate System. Swing Gate System is particularly suitable for areas that have space constraint because the total space occupied by the motor and the gate is minimal as compared to other gate systems. The operation mechanism of Swing Gate System is based upon push and pulls mechanism that can be made to function manually during events of no power supply.
  • DC Sliding Gate System: The DC Sliding Gate System is a special type of Sliding Gate system. The Swing Gate System is better as compared to DC Sliding Gate System in terms of speed and less space requirement. The power requirement of DC Sliding Gate System is just 24V DC and battery backup during power shortage is available. DC Sliding Gate System is composed of a robust gate system that is mechanically quite simple in operation. Low noise operation mode of DC Sliding Gate System is further supported by slowing down of gates during closing process to avoid the loud banging noise.
  • AC Sliding Gate System: AC Sliding Gate System too works in a noiseless manner with heavy load operational requirements. Magnetic sensor technology in combined with electronic circuit control panel is employed to ensure a simple and easy working mode. The power supply requirement of AC Sliding Gate System is in the range of 800kg to commercial 2 ton.

The wide range of Gate Systems available in the market nowadays have their specific field of application that ensures solution to different types of security requirements of different types of establishments.

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing; Are They Safe

Shining and smooth glass panels encircling the perimeter of clear blue water of swimming pool creates a mesmerizing view. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a sure shot way of enhancing the aesthetic value of your pool area. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a new age option that is fast emerging as a preferred Pool Fencing option among pool owners. The advancement in glass manufacturing techniques has given rise to tough and quality tested glass panels that are resistant to shattering up to a certain level.

Opposed to the general impression that Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is dangerous for homes with kids and pets, the Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is actually highly suitable for fencing purposes in such homes. This is because the smooth and crevice-free surface of glass prevents any tresspassing attempt by mischievous kids. In addition to this, the tendency of pets to find alternate ways to get entry into the forbidden area can also be checked by installing a deep set foundation for the overall structure of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing. The premium quality glass panels used for the purpose of Pool Fencing have to pass through a variety of quality checks and standards to get certified by national and international quality-check authorities.

Quality Standards Prescribed For Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
The glass panels have to pass through a complete set of quality examination before getting approved for Pool Fencing purpose. The quality examination is created to rate the strength, durability, required thickness of the glass panel sheet and the overall dimension. One of the essential standards of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is Australian Standard 2820 that states that the glass gate should last for a minimum duration of 10,000 cycles at least without fail. This means that the glass panels used in the Frameless Glass Pool Fencing around your pool can easily last for at least 10 years without any aberration.

The thickness of the glass being used for fencing purpose should lie in the range of 10mm to 12mm thick at least. This ensures reinforced safety of glass panels against accidental damage. Other prominent standards that have to be followed by glass manufacturing industries for fencing purposes include AS 1170 Structural Design Actions, AS/NZ 2208 – 1996 Safety Glazing in Materials, AS 1926.1 Swimming Pool Safety Standard and AS 1170 Structural Design Actions of the Australian Standards.

Conclusively Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is a very efficient and safe pool fencing option. Even in the case of misfortunate shattering of glass panels due to the application of extended level of pressure on them, the soft-cornered pieces of glass sheet will not cause any irreversible damage.

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